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Hangi hayvanlar nergis yiyebilir?

Nergilsi yiyen hayvanlar hangileridir öğrenmek için bir soru.

Marigolds are generally not toxic to animals, but it's not a common food choice for most animals. However, some animals like rabbits and guinea pigs may occasionally nibble on marigold leaves or flowers.

In general, animals do not eat marigolds as a part of their natural diet. However, some birds, such as finches and canaries, may occasionally eat the seeds of marigold plants.

Marigolds are generally safe for most animals to be around, but they are not a preferred food source for them. It's unlikely that any animal would actively seek out marigolds to eat.

While marigolds may be safe for most animals, it's important to note that cats should not be allowed to eat marigolds. Cats are obligate carnivores and their digestive systems are not designed to process plant matter.

Dogs are generally not attracted to marigolds and do not typically eat them. If your dog happens to nibble on a marigold, it's unlikely to cause any harm. However, it's best to prevent them from ingesting large amounts.

Most herbivorous animals, like cows, goats, and horses, do not eat marigolds as a primary food source. Marigolds are not a suitable or nutritious food for these types of animals.

Wildlife animals, such as deer and squirrels, do not typically eat marigolds. They have their own natural food choices and marigolds are not a preferred option for them.

Some exotic pets, such as certain species of tortoises or iguanas, may occasionally eat marigold flowers as part of their varied diet. However, it's important to ensure that the marigolds are pesticide-free and safe for consumption.

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